Vaults in modular construction

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Vaults in modular construction

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Vaults in modular construction

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Vaults in modular construction

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Vaults in modular construction

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All strong rooms are ECB.S certified


Vaults in modular construction
Modular vaults are certified security rooms that can be built into new or existing rooms. The floor, walls and roof are formed by strongroom elements manufactured in the factory, and which fit together precisely. This results in a secure room, locked with the same vault door as a traditional security vault.

The flexible solution for certified security
A modular vault is just as secure as a comparable solid construction vault – but can also be dismantled. Modular vaults enable even outdated vaults to be brought up to the latest security standards. They are available in all security levels.

With various wall thicknesses and vault door types. Tested for break-in resistance and fire behaviour. They are designed ready to connect to an intruder alarm system, making this possible at any time. The modular vaults manufactured by the Essener Geldschrankfabrik (EGF) therefore meet the comprehensive security requirements of financial institutions. Modular vaults are fitted with custom features to meet the needs of banks, as well as safety deposit boxes for customer use.



  • All modular vaults can be planned precisely, according to your requirements
  • Modular vaults up to the highest security level Euro XIII. Optionally also with explosion protection
  • All works can be carried out by us as general contractor
  • Suitable for use in many sectors
  • Modular vaults are ideal for many sectors, such as banks, financial institutions, the pharmaceutical industry and all businesses which need to store valuable objects.

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