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Rental locker system

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Rental locker system

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Rental locker system

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Rental locker system

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Rental locker system Futurex
The rental locker system is the massive security-relevant focus of a financial institute and the clear symbol for the safety requirement to the customer.
The rental locker systems Futurex set clear standards here. The innovation in the rental locker construction – with high precision manufacturing of the block and base construction. Usable construction height up to 18.000 mm.
Other construction heights on request.

The security concept

  • Extremely tamper-proof with permanent optical
    deformation with use of force
  • Direct individual locker control of the bank closure Steel
    tube base with precise guidance for fixing and securing
    the safety deposit box casing
  • Assembly of the locker electronics within the lock
  • Cost-effective replacement of the locker doorsbanks, as well as safety deposit boxes for customer use.

More Details

The casing

  • Extra strong steel plate casing
  • Strengthened hinge and embedded sides
  • Closed presentable rear panel
  • Rental locker column is secured in different ways on the
    head side and on the base
  • Paintwork of the steel plate casing RAL 9005 deep black

The lock

  • Double-bit safety lock with two closure mechanisms
    arranged one after the other: 7 closures for the
    customer closure, 5 for bank closure
  • Integrated fail safe device
  • Lock case made of deep drawn steel plate worked over 2/3 of the door wide, three-fold screw connection with reinforced steel door
  • Closure by a massive die casting bolt, stable guiding in the lock case and in the closing profile
  • Unlocking the bank lock mechanically or electronically

The door

  • Stable steel door with stainless steel or high quality structure lacquer
  • Door hinges with rear grip section
  • Reinforced door hinges with slide bearings

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