Solid construction vaults

The solid, secure heart of any financial institution

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Solid construction vaults

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Solid construction vaults

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Solid construction vaults

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Solid construction vaults

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Solid construction vaults

The vault system represents the solid, secure heart of any financial institution, and in the eyes of its customers is a clear embodiment of its security requirements. Our sold construction vault systems set clear standards in this regard. On the basis of the latest reinforcement technology, combined with high quality concrete formulas, EGF’s range of solid construction vaults spans all security levels.

 Construction features

EGF’s modular construction systems guarantee the economical integration of peripheral components, such as door soffits and ventilation elements. The reinforcement elements are supplied as pre-built components.

Concrete quality

Today’s concrete quality requirements are governed by the directives on manufacturing, processing and treating concrete for solid construction security vault walls. No other concrete quality requirements are necessary.

Mixed construction
EGF’s vault concept enables the widest range of wall thicknesses to be combined together without problems, such as for example 500mm ceiling and floor and 600mm walls. Similarly, these walls can be combined with EGF’s modular elements, for example modular ceiling and floor with solid walls. Appropriate vault doors are available for all security levels.


  • The modular construction reinforcement systems enable easy project planning
  • Positive effect on storey heights thanks to thinner floors and ceilings
  • No static minimum reinforcement necessary as a result of safety considerations
  • Spacer materials for the security reinforcement of floors and ceilings can be supplied by EGF or provided by the customer
  • All works can be carried out by us as general contractor

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